How to install your Nhoord drivers

Firstly, installing a new set of drivers is not as complicated or scary as many believe.
Headphone drivers are quite rugged and can take some stress before breaking. Our contact pads are designed in such a way that it is increadibly difficult to destroy the hair-thin voice coil wire that powers the drivers. If you correctly follow the steps, your drivers will serve you amazing sound for years to come.

Step 1: Ensure that the ends of the cable are tinned and you have fresh solder on your soldering iron’s tip.
Step 2: Place the cable on top of the applicable (purple = positive) solder pad and your soldering iron tip on top of the cable. Once the solder melts, press down on the cable till the end is submerged in the solder and remove the iron. Keep the cable as still as possible untill it has cooled down a bit.
Step 3: Repeat these steps and you are done!

If the driver fit is too loose in the cup, apply some electrical tape to the side of the driver to create a snug fit.

Jaco Burger